Give up the struggle, set your intention and relax about how it unfolds.

The only thing any of us will ever need to embody the highest version of ourselves is awareness. Awareness of our potential, and awareness of the subconscious conditioning that is holding us back from living our potential.

The diligent practice of self-study and self-observation will bring about a profound transformation within that will reveal the higher dimensions of our life and unfold the deeper layers of our personality, so that we can walk confidently towards our dreams, and in this way fulfill our heart’s desire in this life; I call this process the blossoming of our spirit!

“You can accomplish anything you want, provided you have confidence in your efforts and in the grace of Providence.”- Swami Rama.

As we replace our limiting beliefs (sub-conscious conditioning) for new and more empowering views, and begin to tread the path of fulfillment, we should always act as if all our desires have already been answered and granted, as if an unseen force comes to our aid. In other words, as Dorothea Brande would say: “act as if it wereimpossible to fail.”

Guide to Inspired Life