In our last few newsletters we sent out videos that challenged the normal view of reality. These videos took on the viewpoint that reality is but a creation of our brains. I.e. What’s around us is just a series of quantum particles existing in various states of probability. Our brain then coalesces these into what we see as reality.

I first came across this in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. He suggests that reality is just a hologram created by our brains and in the future, people will find ways to emulate reality. One of the methods he mentions is holophonic sounds. When I first listened to holophonic sounds, it wowed me.

They trick your brain into perceiving a reality that does not exist. It’s spooky but really cool. Check it out below and make sure you CLOSE YOUR EYES.

It was actually Argentinean physiologist, Huco Zuccarelli, who developed this audio technique, which allows you to create holograms in your mind. A while back, a reporter for the Times of London wrote, “I stole a look at the reassuring numbers on my watch to make sure where I was. People approached from behind me where I knew there was only a wall… By the end of seven minutes I was getting the impression of figures, the embodiment of the voices on the tape. It is a multidimensional ‘picture’ created by sound.”

Our recommended product if your really want to explore the nature of alternate realities and use this to improve your life is Quantum Jumping by my friend Burt Goldman, the famous 83-year old American Monk. Quantum jumping rocks and it’s based on the idea that we can tap into alternate realities to help us improve our current reality. It’s wild, but very cool. Check it out here >>

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