In light of the trauma and tragedy that’s befallen Japan, we’re all seeking ways to help. No matter your circumstances, there’s something you can do to assist – be it humble or grand. Every little bit counts right now, so let’s pull together as a planetary family and help our brothers and sisters of Japan.

Here are some resources for you to turn to so that you can make a difference right now.

1. Help Loved Ones Connect

Google Person Finder has set up a sub-site specifically for the 2011 Japan quake. If you have any info on a person – or are helping to find someone – this is the first place you should go.

2. Group Donation Matches

Groupon International is launching a donation drive to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for Japan. They’ll match any donation you make to the Red Cross. Visit your local groupon to donate.

3. Give Globally has established a Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund that makes it ridiculously easy to give.

4. Make a Grant

Believe it or not, you can make a disaster grant. The United States International Grant Making Council will show you how.

5. Timely Action

Time Newsfeed has posted an excellent article by Megan Gibson with links to 6 different resources to help in the relief efforts.

6. … and Yahoo, too.

Some of these are double-ups from above, but there’s other great resources on YahooNews to help Japan in their hour of need.

Have you got more? Leave a comment and share your resources – let’s help in any and every way we can folks.

The FinerMinds Team



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