How connected do you think we really are?

Is the energy we radiate, whether good or bad, just limited to those we come in immediate contact with, or can our emotions travel much further and even influence the Earth’s magnetic fields?

In this fascinating 7-minute video, we learn why having a synergy with our heart and brain prevents stress, increases mental clarity and intuition, profoundly strengthens the connection we have with others, and can even raise the vibration of the planet.

We always knew we were collectively connected at a much deeper level, but the research discussed in this video really blows our minds. What’s your response to it?

P.S. Are you harnessing the power of your intuition?

When used correctly, intuition can be your most powerful asset. If you want to learn how to tune into your intuition, check out Sonia Choquette’s transformational course Awaken Your Intuition.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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