Hang loose

Each moment is pregnant with reality; maybe not the reality we wish, but reality nonetheless.

We find ourselves driving through the moment with various layers of expectations and projections, like blinders on a racehorse.  What we end up missing are all the peripheral details – and many there are.

Our limited definition of reality ends up boiling down to what best supports our personal agenda at the moment. The moment (reality) is so multi-dimensional that to even begin to grasp the scope and scale of it requires a different approach.

Our projections into it create a climate of holding tight to those goals and attempting to force our outcomes, whether or not the moment will allow them.  This inevitably results in effort and striving, and usually, some level of disappointment.

Our expectations are projected from a very limited framework that we keep fast-forwarding from all our previous moments, resulting in a limited outlook being imposed upon an unlimited reality.

If we were to indulge ourselves in simply hanging loose and allow ourselves to just flow through the moment without all that heavy baggage, the moment would take on a completely different countenance.

The world we see around us is not the real world, but the world of our projections, and thus very limited.  If we have determined that the world is boring, evil, futile, ugly or corrupt – than that will be the world we see.  But, if we hang loose a bit and discard all that baggage, then we will begin to see something very different, and possibly, something even magical by our standards.

For example, the song of a bird, the smile of the walked dog, the laughter between two people having coffee, the sun breaking through the clouds or the smell of sweet perfume. All these generally go unnoticed under the heavy burden of projection.

Take a deep breath, relinquish your grip and hang loose, baby – the smell of reality fills the moment.

Have you shifted your reality by hanging loose recently? Tell us whether you noticed any surprises as a result of letting go and taking the moment in. 


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