Symptoms of ascensionDid you know that Earth is a highly evolved spirit, continually ascending to a higher dimensional level? While Earth continues to ascend and raise its vibrations and energy, we too can join it on its ascension and start own our journey to spiritual enlightenment and bridge the light between our body and spiritual connection.

As we raise our vibrations, we have the divine opportunity to help raise Earth’s vibrational level too. However, as we accept this invitation to move with the upward current, we must leave behind parts of us that no longer serve our new journey or spiritual self. When we go through this transition, we often experience a dissonance between our existing energy, and the one we’re transitioning too.

If you’ve already begun this journey, you may be feeling symptoms of not only the Earth’s energy ascending, but also the anxiety and emotions associated with your own transition. As a result, you could be feeling mentally overwhelmed, be experiencing butterflies in your stomach, have an increased heart rate or even an intolerance to some foods.

However like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly, the physical and emotional reactions you’re experiencing are a good thing. They’re a sign of growth and your progress to spiritual awakening.

While each person’s journey is different, here are some common symptoms you may be experiencing:

More Emotional Than Usual

Are you feeling more emotional or anxious than normal? Perhaps you’re finding yourself flicking between a depressed state, to having moments of elated joy? During these times, you may be feeling emotionally drained, however it’s important to understand these emotions are normal and they’re happening for a reason.

Change In Energy Levels

One minute you feel like Superman, the next you can barely summon the energy to cook dinner. When you’re feeling this way, your body is trying to process the emotional changes you’re going through and is sending out a clear SOS that you need to listen to.

When you’re tired, take the time to relax and rest your mind. When you have a lot of energy and feel the motivation to take on the world, make the most of this energy too as your increased energy surge just may lead to great things!

Physiological Changes

When our minds are going through many changes, especially when they’re really confused or feeling troubled, our body reacts to these emotions. As a result, you may be feeling more anxious than usual, have a quickened heart rate or be experiencing an upset stomach. You could also develop intolerance to certain foods, or cravings for others – again, it’s important to listen to your body. Try removing certain foods from your diet for a few months, or indulge your cravings by eating others.

During this period of emotional or physical change, try and remind yourself that you’re on the path to spiritual awakening, therefore shedding your old skin is vital in order to move onto the next phase of your life.

On Thursday, we’ll provide you with a meditation exercise to reduce the anxiety associated with ascension – helping you to transform from your old self, to becoming a beautiful butterfly!

If you’ve gone through ascension personally, or you’re feeling the vibrations from the Earth’s transition as it ascends, tell us about your experiences below.

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