As you guys know, last year I did a talk at Engage Today on the concept of here. Well, I wanted to follow up on that talk with some concrete practices you can bring into your organization, office, family, or even friends.

They’re a little quirky but I always find the quirky methods are always the most fun and effective ;-)

Check out the video below. There’s 10 practices you can immediately start implementing into your life.

If you liked what I just talked about, I recommend you check out this year’s Engage Today. It’s geared towards entrepreneurship and really taking your passion and making it successful. I’ll be speaking at this year’s conference again along with some other really great speakers. The focus of Engage Today 2010 is to teach you the 4 pillars of profitability: Money, Marketing, Mindset, and Management.

It’ll be a fun and great way to take your business to a higher level because it’s all about take-home, practical advice you can use now. If you’re interested, just check out the link below.

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