Dream meaningsTo follow-on from yesterday’s article on what some of our most weird and wonderful dreams mean, as promised, here’s the meanings to four more of our most common and mysterious dreams!

1) Death

While these dreams can be incredibly disturbing rest assured they are not symbolic of death in real life. Typically, these kind of dreams represents change in your life (including a spiritual transformation), or that you’re contemplating a big change. If you dream about the death of a loved one, it also symbolizes that they’re no longer part of your life, or that you wish you had a particular quality they do.

Dreaming that someone you love is dying is also an instinctive urge to protect the relationship we have with this person. So if you’ve ever followed this kind of dream up with a phone call to check on them, perhaps still do this, except give them a call to remind them that you love them.

2) Bad Or Missing Teeth

Ever dreamt that you smiled and that some, or all of your teeth were missing or that they had decayed so badly, they look like they could qualify to be one of those nasty images on the back of a cigarettes packet?

This of course isn’t a warning to visit the dentist (although perhaps one to quite smoking), but a fear of being found physically unattractive in real life. These types of dreams can also symbolize a fear of embarrassment or losing your power.

3) Being Cheated On

This kind of dream, when you’re in a relationship, has the ability to put you in a foul mood (some of which may initially be directed at your innocent partner) until you’ve fully computed that it was only a dream.

Of course this type of dream isn’t trying to tell you that your partner has been unfaithful. Our dreams are a safe outlet for us to express our insecurities and jealousies, so it could be your way of expressing these feelings. You might be relieved to also know that they’re perfectly normal to have and reflect our instinctive urges to fight off any love rivals trying to steal our partner.

4) Being Pregnant

You might be surprised to learn this common dream is not exclusive to women. Although the meaning of it differs depending on your sex. For women, not surprising, it represents a woman’s instinct to have children. Whereas in men, it may be a craving for them to experience the kind of power women have by becoming a mother.

Pregnancy dreams are also about creativity and could mean that there’s a brilliant idea brewing in your subconscious that is yet to be come to light, or that you have an urge to create something.

Want to learn more about your dreams and how you can play a part in controlling your dream landscape? Read our article on lucid dreaming, which reveals more about how you can manipulate your dreams as a means to explore your consciousness and to control nightmares.

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