Coral: Rekindling Venus – A World Environment Day Video

Australian artist Lynette Wallworth may have dedicated five years of her life to make a single film, but it could help save what nature took 20,000 years to complete – the coral reef.

The film, entitled Coral: Rekindling Venus, captures the remarkable and alien-like beauty of coral reefs, one of earth’s most precious ecosystems, reminding us of the amazing biodiversity we would lose if we continue to threaten and pollute its home – the great, big ocean.

The truth is, coral reefs are dying around the world, due to coral mining, organic and inorganic pollution, overfishing, the digging of canals and access into islands and bays, sea temperature and level rises; the list goes on.

Produced in time for World Environment Day this June 5th 2012, the release of Coral: Rekindling Venus will also grace another crucial, and rather beautiful, universal event: the transit of Venus.

A transit of Venus occurs when planet Venus passes directly between the sun and earth, and can be see from earth as a small black circle moving across the Sun.

The “peace of the sciences” between Nations has enabled researchers to record and measure this magical event from as early as the 18th Century and to safely predict that a pair of transits only occur every 243 years, with each transit 8 years apart. The transit taking place this June 5th, 2012 will be the last one for the next 1,105 years so key the date in your calendar now!

Hopefully the synergy of the two global events – World Environment Day and the transit of Venus, will further instill the message behind Coral: Rekindling Venus:

“My intent is to leave the audience with a sense of wonder for the complexity of the coral community and a deep-felt longing to see it survive.” – Lynette Wallworth

Watch the trailer for Coral: Rekindling Venus featuring the original soundtrack by American band Antony And The Johnsons below:



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