Are You Neglecting Your Energetic Ecosystem? You might be wondering what we’re talking about here. Your energetic eco-what??

What we mean is, as a conscious person, no doubt you’re always looking for ways to improve your mind and health, but what about your energy?

We’re not talking about the energy you need to get through the day, or the type that radiates in its pumped-up glory after exercising – we’re referring to your Chakras.

We each have seven of these swirling bundles of energy in our bodies, all of which have a special designation that can either help or hinder our well-being depending on whether they’re opened or closed.

For example, if you’re guarded, closed and have trouble trusting people, you may have a closed Heart Chakra. On the other side of the spectrum, you might be enjoying incredible sex and feel very comfortable with your sexuality, indicating that you have an open Sacral Chakra.

This is because each of your Chakras works differently – but to experience your full potential energetically and mentally – you need all seven open. When even just one of your Chakras is weak or closed, your whole system is affected. Your internal energy backs up and suddenly life becomes a lot more serious, and a lot less fun.

But fear not, there is a quick and easy way to find out – right now – which of your Chakras are working for you, and which are working against you.

Interested in taking the first step in getting your energetic ecosystem in order? Take the free three-minute Chakra test from Chakra Master Carol Tuttle.


FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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