Last week we shared with the you the exquisite video, Frontier Is Everywhere – a moving call to the human race to continue to push forward in discovering new frontiers.

Still in awe of the video’s portrayal of the Universe’s unknown limits, and those of mankind, we wanted to share the second video in this series – Life Looks For Life.

This 3-minute video contains snippets of Carl Sagan (the poet laureate of science) speaking about the possibility of life on another planet. It’s beautifully done and reminds us of the incredible wonderment and connection we feel when we stare into space.

So the next time you look up at the sky, let that overwhelming feeling of childlike wonder overtake your mind, and lose yourself in thought, admiration and pure curiosity as to what else is “out there.”

With over 400 billions stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, seems kind of crazy that we might be the only living civilization, what do you think?

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