Change your mindsetLife broadcasts a riveting truth from which there is no escape. It is the reverse side of the Golden Rule, which commands us to: “do to others as we would have others do to us.”

However, the reverse side of the Golden Rule does not command anything but warns that what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

In an interconnected world, all exploitation and oppression inevitably returns to its source. This is a reality that we must understand, and from this understanding make the critical mind shift required if we are to sustain humanity and advance our civilization.

This mind shift is to understand clearly and unequivocally, that what we do to others we do to ourselves.

Alignment With Reality

Consider our relationship with our environment. If we damage and destroy our environment, we damage and destroy ourselves.

In our relationships with other people, if we mistreat and are unkind to others, our actions return to haunt and torment us in one form or another over time. In our relationship with ourselves, if we abuse ourselves (our health) in any one of countless ways, sooner or later, we suffer the consequences.

When all of this becomes evident and acted upon, our belief system and our behavior become aligned with the reality in which we exist.

Our belief system is not just something for one day of the week, or a particular time of the day when we pray, or to be celebrated only in special places. Our belief system becomes our lifestyle, and our lifestyle becomes aligned with and honors the larger reality in which we exist.

Consider this for a moment. If there exists anything in dimensions beyond our perception – call it a god, creator, supreme being, the force, universal intelligence, divine consciousness, or whatever you believe, wouldn’t they celebrate when the focus of our lives is on our health, showing kindness toward each other, and respecting our environment? For what more could any god of any belief system anywhere ask of us?

A Way of Being

Life is not a complex and difficult phenomenon to understand. The answers are found in real life relationships here and now. The answers rest not with a Supreme Being but in a way of being.

It is time to find our comfort in present, real-life relationships with each other, with our extraordinary environment, and with our own unique individuality.

When we take care of ourselves and each other, and leave our environment as we found it or improve it, we are aligned with the interlocking whole that supports life.

Then, the shift will occur: we will arrest and reverse any destructive and unsustainable momentum, find peace, prosper together, sustain humanity and advance our civilization.

The above article is an edited excerpt from Joe Simonetta’s book Seven Words That Can Change the World.

If you were in charge of making the world a better place, what would be the one thing you would get everyone to do each day? For example, would we have to smile at everyone we meet, or always stop to give to those less fortunate than ourselves. Tell us what you think would make a difference to the world as a result of implementing one small change.

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