One of our FinerMinds friends, Jane Deuber, is rockin’ entrepreneur. Jane’s been in the biz of empowering small business owners for a couple of decades now, so when she speaks, we like to listen :). And listening to Jane is easy because she’s got an eagle’s eye view of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur – including strategies for wealth creation with minimal stress. According to Jane, being an entrepreneur means changing roles or ‘archetypes’ – sometimes lots of times in a day. When you do this consciously, you can start enjoying the ride instead of stressing over the gazillion tasks that can make you feel nuts. This is from Jane’s blog and we’re reprinting the article in full here for your convenience.

Archetypes for the Roles of an Entrepreneur

by Jane Deuber

One of the greatest gifts (and challenges) that business owners face is juggling the many roles of the entrepreneur. On a daily – even hourly – basis we’re called to shift gears and perform tasks that are as varied as the items on our “to do” list. It’s the source of entrepreneurial stress that sends some into overwhelm and others to the sofa in an effort to shut out the demands of business ownership.

Knowing that not a lot gets done eating Bon Bons on the sofa, I’ve honed a strategy that supports me in moving through my day with greater ease and effectiveness. It’s my way of calling forth the traits and skills that are required for the myriad of tasks on my plate. Call them roles, archetypes or alter egos, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they help me experience my days with more joy and effectiveness and that’s pretty cool. Meet the many parts of me…

The Visionary

This is the Dreamer with their eye on the future and their feet firmly planted on the ground. When we step into the role of Visionary, we stand in possibility and see trends and opportunities that the other parts of us can’t see. It’s the Visionary that can champion a cause, align the team with what needs to get done and rally the masses around one unifying vision. The Visionary measures the short and long term strategy against the core values of the company, making sure the team never loses sight of their overriding purpose. It’s also the Visionary that inspires others, stimulates collaboration and ultimately understands that the vision only happens when the right team is aligned.

The Strategist

Practical, patient, linear in thought and willing to take time now to get the plan right – that’s the Strategist. She resists the lure of get-rich-quick strategies because she knows that it’s in the evolution – not the revolution that the real race is won. The Strategist designs her plan around a core, sound strategy and views spreadsheets and objectives as her best tools for manifesting results. While she understands that her plan is based on a series of best guesses, she is always gathering information that will enhance the execution of the plan. The Strategist in you is who your people look to for the step-by-step game plan that will lead them through the myriad of decisions they’ll need to make. The Strategist’s work reduces confusion, calms chaos and provides clear concise next steps when overwhelm sets in.

The Evangelist

Ahh, the rainmaker! The Evangelist creates results by taking action and rallying herself and the tribe around a powerful cause that is valued and supported by all. In her zest for what the company stands for, the Evangelist inspires team members, wows colleagues, courts prospects and enrolls clients to exchange their valuable resources for what she offers. The Evangelist is driven by his mission, hope and possibility and therefore willing to take risks and be uncomfortable to turn the vision into reality.

The Expert

This is the part of us that delivers our gifts and talents to the world – and our clients. It’s the Expert that impacts powerful change and creates meaningful lasting shifts for our clients. When we step into our Expert we are in flow. Whether it’s designing a program interacting with a client, delivering a speech – whatever expertise we deliver – we are tapping into our talents and purpose when we step into the role of Expert. It’s the work of the Expert that drives revenues and the more we can leverage that role, the more profitable our business will be.

The Optimist

The Optimist stands in the middle of the four-quadrant circle. This is because as entrepreneurs we must take the Optimist with us in everything we do. They are present when we have craft a big vision, create a plan of action, convert a prospect to a client and deliver our expertise. The optimist steps in when results are coming slower than expected, keeping hope alive so that we take the next step. While the Optimist is essential for all of us to get through our days, it’s important to keep an eye on this part of us by making sure blind belief hasn’t kicked in when a dose of reality is in order. In the end, it’s the Optimist that is the part of us that believes what we want IS possible and without this element – well we wouldn’t be in business for ourselves in the first place.

So as you move through your day, celebrate the many roles you play as entrepreneurs and call upon the different parts of you to tackle the task at hand. Then, ask yourself which roles are effortless and where do you need to grow? For this is the true work of the enlightened entrepreneur.

Jane Deuber is a business strategist, best‐selling author, international speaker and virtual training specialist. She’s leading a movement of big‐thinking entrepreneurs who are reinventing their business for higher profits without sacrificing their sanity or personal fulfillment. Through her work with entrepreneurs around the world, Jane bring her 23 years experience in business and forward thinking views of success to create lasting, positive change.
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