There’s a growing trend sweeping the nation.

A trend where people are turning down the traditional 9-5 jobs, waving goodbye to uncomfortable suits and collars and pursuing their dreams to turn them into an everyday reality.

If you find yourself wanting to hop on the train to fulfillment, or if you simply want to add more bliss and a little je na sais quoi to your life, keep reading below for some simple tips and tricks that will help make it happen. They are guaranteed to have you living a more passionately, fulfilled life with purpose and overflowing with bliss!

Forget about what other people think

It’s your dream and your passion, not theirs. Yes, it sucks when your family and friends just don’t “get” that what you’re doing or what you love is so awesome, but guess what? They don’t need to understand. Pursue your passion and rest assured that the right people will find you and your message at the perfect time.

Rules don’t apply

I’m not saying you should become a convicted felon or that you should make it your goal to break as many rules and social niceties as possible. However, you should be open – and might I add willing – to go against the social flow. Do you want to do what everyone else around you is doing? And do you want the same results that the majority of the people on this planet are getting? Is that a ‘no’ I hear?

Incorporate your passion into your daily life, no matter what!

Yes, it’s an amazing experience to be able to turn your passions into money, but the good news is that you can still live a life of passion and bliss without making your passion a full-time job.

If you enjoy dancing then take up belly dancing or salsa lessons! If you enjoy writing or expressing your creativity, buy yourself a beautiful journal and start recording your thoughts, poems and adventures or make a daily habit out of doodling.

Are you not sure how to add a little zing to your day? Take a few minutes to think about what you would do if you had all the time and money in the world. Now figure out how you can incorporate it into your life on a regular (hopefully daily!) basis. Do this and you’ll be feeling the extra pep in your step in no time!

Surround yourself with the right people

“You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”. – Jim Rohn

Whether your realize it or not, it’s true through and through. Take a quick inventory of the five people you spend the most time with. Are they passionate about what they do? Are they lovers of life? Do you feel energized and alive when you’re around them?

If not, why are you still spending time with them? Set the intention to meet new people who are going to add positivity and passion into your life on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed at how you personally start to transform when you take this step.

Think outside of the box, or better yet, in it!

Aren’t we supposed to get creative and think beyond the box? Yes, and I’m here to tell you that you can do so much more than simply think outside of the box. You can actually create your own box.

Yes, that’s right. Your own, big empty box that has absolutely zero expectations, zero limitations and zero processes or rules to live up to. The fun thing about creating your own box is that you get to decide what to fill it with. Take this new-box-building exercise as an opportunity to remove negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and fill it up with some awesome people and a positive attitude!

Take at least one of these ideas out for a test drive and let us know what changes start to show up in your life. Or if you’re already living a life of passion and fulfillment, share how you’ve made this your reality in the comment section below.

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Leanne Kallal

Leanne Kallal

Leanne Kallal and her business partner, Alexandra Cattoni, are the Co-Founders of Juicy Geniuses and they're on a mission to help women worldwide make a mass impact and money doing what they love through the power of the internet. Their mission is to give real, practical advice that any woman can follow to build a purposeful online business and get their message successfully out there.


  • Avatar Josephine says:

    My passion has been to help families live an emotionally healthy life so that the individuals in the family support one another’s growth as a collective and as individuals in the hope of eradicating domestic violence from the planet.

  • Avatar kim says:

    My 18 year old son passed away 2 years ago and I had to totally reinvent my life.
    I’ve done all the steps above. I got rid of toxic people in my life, always think differently then others, not care what ANYBODY thanks of me. My job is easy and fun and I make a good
    income. Change your life, shake things up, smile and laugh all the time and your bliss will follow.

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