Thanks for signing up for the Theory of Awesomeness. But before you start on the quiz, I need you to check out the video below. It’s the same one I gave you when you first signed up about the 3 energetic categories: Happy But Broke, Stressed Out Visionary, and In Flow. But just in case you haven’t watched it yet, here it is again.

I’ve been in the personal growth movement for almost a decade now and being a speaker and publisher of personal growth products, I’ve met tons of entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers, and students of the movement. And after interacting with them on all different levels, I’ve come to notice a very distinct pattern.

People I meet fall into these 3 categories: Happy but Broke, Stressed Out Visionary, and In Flow.

I explain these 3 categories in the video below. After you watch it, take the quick quiz below so you can find out which category you’re in.

The “Flow” Test

Ok if you’ve watched the video above, you can take the non-scientific test below to get an idea of where on the scale you fall.

Take out a pen and paper. For each statement that you feel describes your personality, demeanor, or attitude, mark down the number of the statement.

Example: You agree with or feel that these statements apply to you: 1, 5, 8, 10, and 14. So on a piece of paper, write down those numbers.

1. You do not have a list of top ten goals written anywhere. If I asked you for your ‘bucket list’ or top ten goals, you’d have to make one up on the spot.

2. You’re a hard worker and put in long hours towards your goals.

3. You are wealthier than the majority of people you know.

4. You sometimes feel stress or anxiety when a goal or dream seems too hard to reach.

5. You liken the pursuit of money to greed.

6. You’re future focused and have a clear vision of who and what you want to be 1 yr from now.

7. You have many long term visions and goals and have these mapped into at least 5 different areas of your life.

8. You feel that the want for money and wealth is not spiritual

9. You sometimes skip daily meditation, gym or even holidays because you’re too busy.

10. You have a lot of goals and dreams but are having trouble finding time, money, or other resources to achieve them.

11. You’re seen as a leader, of a non-profit, a business your community or more. People are attracted to you.

12. In the face of difficult challenges and obstacles, you tend to always be peaceful. Knowing that a solution is on the way.

13. You are relatively happy with your current circumstances.

14. You sometimes live paycheck to paycheck or struggle to pay your bills.

15. You don’t believe in pure hard work. Instead you find that opportunities tend to come to you with ease all the time. Your desires manifest fast without the need for strong effort on your part.

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This quiz is a basic guideline. In reality people fall in between the 3 categories I mentioned. But most don’t fall at either extreme, they fall somewhere along the two. Watch the video to learn more.

I’m really curious to see where you guys fall in these 3 categories. Drop a comment with your quiz results. I can’t wait to get a conversation going on this.

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